Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WFMW - Keeping Paint Brushes Wet

Hey there! I know what you're thinking.... this isn't a stamping post! How did this get in my reader? Well, I'm still the same stamper you subscribed to, I've just been sidetracked with other things lately. One of these things happens to be some little fix-it projects around the house. Another is finding cool new blogs to share! One of the cool new blogs I found is, which hosts Works For Me Wednesday. The idea is that every Weds, you post a hint or tip or trick... something that makes your life a little easier. You can read all of the guidelines HERE. Then go back to We Are That Family and link your tip on that Wednesday's post. And while you're there, look at all of the other tips that have been linked. You may just learn something!

This week, I started touching up some paint around the house, and because I have two beautiful little boys who keep me on my toes all day long, I never know how much time I'll have to do the work that needs to get done.

My grandpa was a professional painter, and I started helping him on jobs at a young age (I want to say about 8 years old). One trick he taught me was to wrap a paint brush in tin foil and stick it in the freezer if you weren't going to use it for a few hours, but weren't ready to clean it yet. So here you can see my work in progress:

Imagine how difficult it must be for me to open that freezer door and reach for the paint brush instead of my beloved mint chocolate chip ice cream.

When you are ready to paint again, just unwrap and dip it in the paint. Works like a charm, and doesn't get all gookey (yes, that is a technical term).

And this is totally random, but I just have to say I love that paint brush. It's a professional sash brush, and it was my grandpa's for years before I inherited it. It's like having him right there with me while I work, and I like that. :)

Do you have a tip to share? Play along! It can even be craft related! There are themes you can work off, too. Check it out!

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Sue from Oregon said...

what a great tip tribute to your Grandfather!

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