Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hop Up Jump In!

I know it has been ages since I've posted a card (and done any stamping, for that matter), but I am just not feelin' it lately. I want to stamp, but I have this block that just prevents me from doing much. I actually sat down with some stamped images and my copics one night and just stared at it all for a good hour before I gave up and went to bed. I didn't make a single mark!

Jack's birthday is coming up, and I've always made all of the cards for the boys. I made all of their baby announcements, thank you cards, birthday invites, baptismal invites, etc. Heck, I even made all 60 of my baby shower invites and the thank you's for that as well. I tried like the dickens to get out of making these birthday invites. I even BOUGHT invites! But, guilt got the best of me, and I went ahead and popped out six of them. It's hard to make cards when you're not feelin' it... and it's even harder when they don't make stamps in the images of the people you need!

I improvised with some Handy Manny stickers I found at a local stamp store, and used them on this much loved layout (remember this?). Below you can see the inside of the card:

I don't know what I did to my camera, but all of my pictures look so washed out lately. It's not just this light and/or set up. No matter where I take a picture, it looks washed out. I'm going to have to google that and see what button I pushed or take it to the camera store to get it straightened out one of these days.

Anyway... I made six cards. I used elegant eggplant and real red, trying to coordinate with the stickers as much as possible. They turned out pretty girly for a handy man, but hey. At least they got done. Here is a pic of the whole batch:

Several of you have contacted me asking for more information about the card ministry I mentioned in my last post. I was hoping to get that off the ground before Valentine's Day, but I'm behind. I'm struggling with a lack of motivation lately, and lots of indecision. I've been joking with my family that I should be the president of the 80% club, because I've been starting all of these projects but not finishing any of them. I've read that this is a common response in the grief process, so I'm not overly concerned about it. This too shall pass, right? As I get more organised with the card ministry, I'll post details here. No telling when that will be, but still... you'll be the first to know.

Also, if you pop over to my family blog from time to time (link at top of sidebar), you'll notice I made a nice overhaul to the look of it. I still have a few things I need to clean up. Some font issues, etc. But again... 80% club. *sigh*

I hope you are all well! I miss traveling the blogosphere on a regular basis and seeing all of your wonderful creations. I've pretty much just been trying to take it easy and losing myself in mindless games on facebook. This too shall pass.... Eventually.

Blessings to you all -

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Sue from Oregon said...

Hello dear friend. Good to see your post tonight. I am proud that this ole granny knows who Handy Manny is now! Hugs to you!

Sparkle said...

Such darling invites! I love the polka dot border.

Lorie said...

They are wonderful Sarah! Stickers are a perfectly acceptable solution to not wanting to color. I'm proud of you for getting them done! HUGS!

Katie Cotton said...

They are very cute invites! Dont give yourself a hard time! I'm very proud of you for doing them!
As for your camera - this might not be it, but my camera had this weird coloring/fuzzy look to a lot of the pictures. Finally i looked at the lens, and it had a nice little finger print right over it (you know the kind when a little one gets ahold if it to try to take pictures!) once i cleaned the lens, all was better again! Worth a shot of looking. :)

Elaine M said...

It was so wonderful to see a blog from you - you're really missed. Just take good care of yourself and we'll always be here when you feel up to it again.

Jena said...

Love the invites! As always a wonderful job!

Denise said...

I know how hard it may be to have to get your mojo back. I had surgery on Dec 2nd and then emergency on Dec 15th. I am just getting into getting things done and getting my mojo back. It is in no way comparrison to what you have gone through and just to be able to think about getting something done is an awesome accomplishment! There is never a time that you will not think about your dear Henry but always remember he too is looking down on you and saying mama, you must take your time to think about me but you must also move on with your awesome abilities you have! 80% of your work is better than no work at all. You are moving along just fine to get anything done at all!

Always here and willing to talk if you would like!

Denise Wells

Gina said...

Your invites turned out very cute! It's good to "see" you again.

Kim said...

The invites turned out amazing Sarah! I love them...and love how you used stickers because you didn't have a stamp! :)
Hugs~ Kim

Chrissy D said...

Sarah this is SOOO cute!

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