Wednesday, April 6, 2011

GLEE Notecards

Do any of you watch the tv show GLEE? Do you love it? I like it. A lot. It's kind of a love/hate relationship for me though. I love the songs and the dancing, but the plot lines sometimes are just too far out there for me. I'm not sure how I feel about some of the things the teachers and students are saying to each other in school, etc., but it's fun to watch and they do have some hilarious quotes in the show.

One of my girlfriends recently had a "Glee" themed birthday party, and I wanted to get a gift that tied in with that theme. I searched Etsy for stuff, not sure what I was looking for exactly or what I would find. Turns out you don't find a whole lot on that topic. The only matches that came up were for notecards with quotes on them. I was *this close* to ordering some when it occurred to me that I, too, make cards.

*facepalm* Doh!

So, I whipped up a quick set of six for her. My original intent was to keep them all very simple, similar to the Lady and the Tramp card, but with different colored bases and ribbons. As I got started I decided to embellish a little more, but they still are pretty basic. I think I finished all six in about an hour and a half tops. I have been out of the loop for so long, I forgot to take nice pictures, but I did take some quick snapshots with my phone, so I'll share those:

I seriously have no idea who she would send these to other than another "Gleek", but I still think they're fun. And, it was fun to be stamping again, too. I joined a card swap recently, so it's a good little warm up for me before I have to get started on that next project.

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Danni said...

How awesome!!!! I don't watch the show but I'm happy to see you creating!

Jarod's Journey said...

As the individual in question who received these cards, may I saw they are AWESOME! I LOVED them. And you could do this for anything--not just a Gleek! For example, Sarah and I have a friend who adores movies like Beaches and Steel Magnolias. You could have some serious fun pulling quotes from those. Or perhaps someone is a big fan of James Taylor music or something--pull lyrics from his songs. The fact that it is personal and meaningful to the individual who receives it, and the fact that you, the stamping friend made it, is what makes this gift an A+ winner. I loved the cards as much as I love my friend--I am extraordinarily grateful for both!

Sparkle said...

These are darling! You know she'll just hand them on her wall and cherish them! :)

Sue from Oregon said...

I love Glee, but have a hard time remembering to tune in! I know...not very with it sometimes! What a treasured gift for sure Sarah!

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