Friday, April 5, 2013

Weight Watchers Update

For those who missed my original post about my Weight Watchers journey, I joined (again, but after several years away) on February 16th, 2013 with a new determination to achieve the one thing in life I've ever wanted that has been seemingly unattainable: my goal weight.

I have struggled with obesity my entire life, though frankly I hate that word. Such negative connotations associated with it, but that's a post for a different day. This is probably my fourth time with Weight Watchers and my sixth or seventh "serious" attempt at weight loss. Every time I get going, I get thrown off by life events or long cold winters or really yummy breadsticks. It doesn't take much.... or at least it didn't. I've had a little epiphany in recent weeks though and I'm hoping it will help me stick to the program this time and reach my goal once and for all.

What I've realized is this:

1.) I really don't even enjoy the taste of most of the high calorie, high fat foods I eat.

2.) I am a stress eater.

They say knowing is half the battle, and I'm hoping that's true. If so, I'm halfway to success, right!? SO, now that I know these things... what do I do with that information? Well, for one I stop talking myself out of healthier options with words like, "but I don't like the taste of that." Because the God's honest truth is that I don't really think the taste of what I had been eating was that spectacular either. The fast food and delivery restaurants are convenient, but not nutritious and certain not gourmet. If time is tight I'd be just as content with a Weight Watchers/Healthy Choice/Lean Cuisine freezer meal, so why not choose that? And before you comment telling me all the reasons those aren't particularly healthy either... I KNOW. At this point they are winning the health argument because they are going head to head with things like stuffed crust meatlovers pizzas, cheesy bread, and ice cream. I'm considering the alternative. And, also, that's just an example. I actually don't eat that many freezer meals. Maybe three a month, if that.

The biggest factor in my weight loss success at this point has been portion control and tracking. I track everything. Every bite. If I'm not able to find point/calorie totals, I guess, and I always make sure to guess generously. I'd rather over-guess than under-guess.

I allow myself one evening of splurging (after weigh in... doesn't everyone?). If I'm craving anything with unreasonably high points, I save it for Thursday night. I count through the day up to weigh in time, but then I stop and let dinner and dessert be what they are and get back on track Friday morning. Oddly, the last two times I've allowed myself this free time on Thursday evening, I really haven't even enjoyed it. It might stop entirely or be reduced drastically in the coming weeks. We'll have to see.

I eat three meals a day and two snacks. My choices haven't always been the best... I'd like to do more clean eating... but I've come a LONG way and I always count whatever I'm putting in my mouth and so far, despite occasional Pop Tart and Eggo breakfasts, I've done well. Better than ever, actually. As of yesterday I'm down 18.8 lbs, and I'm pretty happy with that number. I could eat better. I could exercise more. I could try more healthy recipes. I could start some sort of squatting and tricep regimen so that my rump and arm flab dwindles proportionally to the rest of me (which sadly does not seem to be the case at the moment). Eventually I will find the time and/or willpower to do all of these things, but for now I am doing enough. Every day I do enough, and I always will.

No pressure.

Pressure equals stress, and stress equals bad choices in the food department.

Every week I update my weight loss story in one of my Origami Owl lockets. I love wearing it as a reminder of how far I have come, and particularly love the combo of this rose gold locket with the olive accent stones. I'm happy. I have faith I will continue on this journey. All is well.  :)

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