Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bad Mommy/Blogger/Stamper!

Hi all -
I'm getting some flack for not posting regularly lately. Please bear with me! This is going to sound terribly lazy on my part, but the memory card on my digital camera is full and has been for over a month now... so there is no picture taking going on of Henry or cards or anything! And of course the scanner doesn't seem to be working with our new laptops so uploading our 35mm photos isn't even an option.

I'm hoping to get things taken care of and be back up to speed soon, so don't give up on me! :)

All is well here. The baby is kicking like crazy, and Henry is growing like a weed. He was close to 3 ft and 34lbs (95th percentile for both) at his 18 mo appt in late December. He is starting to try to talk a little more, so that's exciting. The new word for today was "bubble" (there is a small one and a large one in his book of opposites that we read each day). Speaking of books, he still loves them. He'll bring them to me one at at time and will sit patiently turning pages as I read each one. We go through all the books two or three times each day... his godmother would be proud. ;o)

Keep checking in on us... I'll post "good stuff" soon!


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Lorie said...

OMGosh Sarah! I just looked at your baby widget and realized you don't have much time to go 'til that new baby comes! How exciting! :o)

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