Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Henry, what does Brett Favre say?"

Hee hee! I really couldn't help myself with this one. :)

I finally got the pics from the camera uploaded, but I have to check with the store I print my pics at to see if they can accept them in the format my crazy photo editor saves them in before I can delete them from the camera and take new ones. Grrrr.

Meanwhile, we're anxiously awaiting the Packers/Giants game this weekend and having a little fun in the process! At one point we had Henry throwing two arms up whenever someone yelled "touchdown" but now he's slacking and only putting one up, which is similar to his sign for elephant so who knows what he's saying! He really doesn't actually know what Brett Favre says (doh!), but I thought the picture looked like a classic Favre pose so I had to post it!

Here is another pic taken in December before the holiday parade (or was that late November?). Henry loved his snowsuit, but it didn't fit for long, so we've passed it on already! It's still a cute pic with Grandma!

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Lorie said...

Definitely a Brett Favre pose...too cute! You should have seen my boys all dressed up in Packers clothes on Monday for school. You see the Seahawks fans out here thought for sure they would win...Ha! We are looking forward to the game too!

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