Sunday, February 17, 2008


Henry has a number of Duplo Legos (i.e. the bigger ones), and he and Darrin enjoy playing with them regularly. Darrin spends his time building things, and Henry spends his time destroying them! ;o) It keeps them both happy though, so that's all that matters!
Here is one of Darrin's creations... Do you know what it is?
It's Brett Favre!!! :o) Now do you see the football and the #4?!
And here are a few with Henry and his fortress... He loves to drop pieces in those little windows and try to fish them out. He's all about the search and rescue! lol!

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Lorie said...

How cute! I totally knew that was Brett Favre even without noticing the #4!

Anonymous said...

Very nice cards. You really have a talent for card making! Karrie

Noelle said...

Totally missed the Favre thing until I read it, but it's so cute! I love your little man :-D

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