Wednesday, November 7, 2007

An Apple A Day

Little Henry has entered the "I want that!" phase. Meaning, whenever I am snacking, he wants to try it no matter what it is (needless to say my snacking habits have changed dramatically!). This time it was an apple. I wouldn't have given in on this one, but it was very soft and easy to chew (almost "over the hill") so I let him try it. HE LOVED IT! I guess it's not all that surprising because he loves his applesauce (gerber, motts, home made, whatever!).

Life is going well for us, nothing really new to report there. Henry has his first hair cut this weekend, so I'll have to post pics of that later. It's late in the day on Saturday, so who knows how cooperative he'll be for that! The little one in my tummy is constantly perfecting his/her swift kick to the ribs - a treat I rarely experienced with Henry. The kitties are driving us crazy being super cuddly now that it is colder. That's about it! My next OB check up is Friday, I believe that makes 18 weeks? I'm honestly not sure! I don't think there will be anything new to report on that front until we have the ultrasound (which may now be postponed until after the first of the year for insurance purposes, but we'll see).

Keep warm and take care!

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