Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In #13

Hello!!! How is everyone doing this week? I'm doing alright. I thought for SURE this was going to be the week I hit my goal... I was only 6/10 of a pound away from it at one point!!! But then life got in the way and I leveled out a little higher when all was said and done. SO, I lost .8 this week... only 2.2 lbs to go!

Are you getting close to your goal? Reporting is open now. Remember to report your weight loss if you signed up for the Pound for Pound challenge. It looks like the donations they are making are only going through if you report at the end (which makes sense). If you signed up for the challenge you probably got an email just like I did, so you can take it from there.

Hang in there! The finish line is in sight... well, at least for this leg of the race, anyhow!

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Lorie said...

I'm down a pound this week and still 4.5 from my goal. It feels good to be back down under my turtle weight so I'm not giving it up! :o)

Kimmie0270 said...

Are we going to see some new "after" pictures anytime soon?
Keep up the great work!

Mariska said...

Good for you Sarah, loosing another .8! I know you want to reach your goal and I'm sure you will but you can be very proud of yourself for what you've reached until now!! Good for you!!


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