Monday, August 27, 2007

Goodbye Bridget, Hello Diane!

Here we have Bridget, my trusty Mazda 3.

*sigh*. I love this car! The only bad thing is that it is pretty small, and getting a baby carrier in + any other people is a trick. The stroller takes up the entire trunk, the carrier behind the passenger seat forces the p-seat to be pushed all the way to the dashboard making that seat a viable option for a select few (to date that would include grandma, my nephew Brandon, Jenn, and Chris if I force him and he contorts his body into such an awkward position that his legs are pointing toward me and the upper half of his body points toward the door. ROFL. He loved me for that!)... And don't even get me started on shopping. I can really only buy five bags worth of groceries max once you figure in the car seat, diaper bag, my purse, etc. There just is no room for such things!

Bridget was wonderful for my B.C. life (that is, before child ;o) ). She was sporty, she was fast, she was fun. But alas, I am no longer sporty or fast (still retaining the fun though!) so it was time to move on. Bridget is being sold to a male MIS student at UWO, so I'm sure she'll continue to have lots of fun without me...

Now, let me introduce you to Diane (yes, that would be "Diane the Van" LOL!)...

Diane is everything a Mama should be. Reliable, easy going, fun, and pretty. :) She comes equipped with dual power sliding doors (sweet!), and 8 passenger seating. The center seat in the second row can be moved forward about five inches so that Henry can be closer to the front and we have easier access to him and his toys, etc. We even have a "mommy mirror" that comes down from the ceiling and gives a birds eye view of the second row of seats. Seriously, who doesn't need that?! lol. The color is Red Salsa Pearl (something like that), but it's really more cranberry than it appears in the picture. The interior is beige or sand or whatever they're calling it these days. And get this - we have 15 cup holders. Because apparently mini-van drivers and passengers are just very thirsty people. WTH?! There are 8 cup holders within reach of the two front seats alone! Is this really necessary?!

We also considered purchasing a van with a dvd/navigation package but went without it. I think the cost was about $3000 but we decided that for just under $400 we could buy a portable dvd player and an Atlas and get roughly the same effect. ;o) We love her just the way she is! :)

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Lorie said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of mini vans! It is soooo nice to have them when your kids are small! We are about to downsize as our family is only getting smaller and smaller but I still can't give up my extra space so here is what we hope to get when February comes around...
Isn't it nice!?

Brandie said...

Oh isn't it nice to have a van!!
We just upgraded from a Toyota Corolla to a Toyota Sienna LE. We absolutely love it. We don't have a clue how we managed without it.
Reasons for us upgrading were the exact same as yours. No room for anyone to sit in the darned car if the baby seat was in it. I'f I'm not mistaken, the van has 17 cup holders (I'm including the ones on the back of seats if you lay the middle row down!!)

Have fun with your van!!

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