Monday, August 13, 2007

Mama & Henry

One of my favorite pictures of us together, this was taken a week or so ago to capture Henry's "first band-aid". The first one that wasn't associated with a vaccination shot anyhow! Like any good teether, he sucks and chews on his fingers like crazy and he managed to cut his left index on a tooth and then it got a little infected as well. One dose of Neosporin and all is well! And for the record, the band-aid lasted all of maybe five minutes before he chewed it off!

This is another favorite. It was taken July 29th at our Kromm Family Reunion. Henry enjoyed himself and kept everyone entertained. Thank goodness for ring slings though! I don't think I would have made it through the buffet line with out mine. I wish I would have gotten some photo's of him in it. While all of my cousins with little ones took turns in the food line, I slung Henry on my hip and we went through without incident! Now I'm off to research some Mei Tai and Beco slings because you can't have just one!! Who'd have ever thought I'd be a "baby wearer". ;o)

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Valorie said...

You two are so cute together!
Go for the Beco! :-)

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