Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Our Morning Ritual

Each morning after waking, Henry babbles and giggles for a good 45 minutes in his crib. I generally just let him entertain himself, because a little better than half the time he puts himself back to sleep in the process! When I come in, he stands up quick, smiling and pointing the whole time (see first photo). Then after a quick change it's play time (see second photo). Of course "play time" mainly consits of ripping everything off the shelves and throwing it on the floor, but he enjoys himself and we always clean up when we're done (yes, he will put his toys back in the bins when asked!). He just loves his books and his puzzle (one of those with knobs on the pieces). :o)

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1 comment:

Valorie said...

Your little man it too stinkin cute! Carole loves to rip things off of shelves too! The more destruction, the better!

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