Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bella's on Parade!

Who doesn't love these sweet Bella images?! I just had a few pass over my stamping desk and had to share them with you! For those who haven't been blessed by the Bella bug yet, she is available online through (which reminds me, that really should be linked in my Websites Worth Visiting!).... and there are dozens of images to choose from. My personal favorite is Rockabella, but I just noticed the new Witchybella and may just have to place another order soon!

Oh - and just in case any of you reading are like me and sometimes neglect to read the fine print, the stamps come unmounted. Be sure to purchase some acrylic blocks on the site to go with them if you don't have any at home already!

Here are some samples...

This Craveabella card I received from my friend Lesley in Indiana (SCS: Hoosierstamper), as a pregnancy congrats card. I LOVE the ribbon (which she tells me is from last years SU winter mini), and the image itself couldn't be more perfect. I'm all about the ice cream these days! :)

This Cosmobella card is from Lorie in Washington (SCS: Momtokjs) as a thank you/congrats for participating in and winning the contest for her Halloween swap. What a fun surprise to get along with all the other goodies!

I made this Rockabella card myself for the secret sister I had in the Spring round on SCS. I coated her pants with glue and navy blue glitter for a fun effect and used SU's "Jazz" wheel for the background. The little charm reads "Glamour Girl".

And finally, this Pregabella card! I also made this one, for a mom-to-be at a baby shower this past weekend. I was going to make a bunch of them to send out to family and friends announcing the pregnancy, but didn't (1) because I lazed out and (2) because I was afraid people would get it and think I was expecting a gift or card or something in return (which sooo wasn't the case).

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