Saturday, October 6, 2007

It's That Time of Year Again!

I can't even believe it is October already! Since I don't have a pic of this year's costume yet, I thought I'd share my favorite picture from last year of my little pumpkin. :) We bought this costume at Toys 'R Us, and had to cut a slit in the back of the hat to get it to fit right. Did I mention my son is over the 100th percentile for the size of his head? Must take after his Grandpa Gene and Uncle Don. :) Poor kid. lol - just kidding.

This year I am going to attempt to make Henry's costume. I'll post it whether it's good, bad, or ugly but it will probably be a week or two. He's going to be a puppy dog, white and brown to match my Mom's cocker spaniel Katie. I bought a white hoodie sweatshirt and am going to sew brown ears and spots on it and then pair it with some brown sweats. Darrin suggested that I make the costume because his Mom used to make all of his, and he was always so proud that he was wearing something his Mom made (awwww!).

Today I was drawing a pattern for the ears on paper and showed it to him to see what he thought of the shape. He said, "I think you should get Ryan to do it." Ryan would be Henry's godfather, and an art teacher. I think I get the hint. ;o) But I kept working at it, and finally came up with one all by myself (so there!) that looks cute. Now I just have to get my felt cut and start assembling!

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