Monday, March 24, 2008

The Nursery is Done!

My Mom and Grandma came over this afternoon, and Mom watched Henry so Grandma could help me finish up the nursery. I'm happy with the results. It's amazing things match as well as they do, considering we pieced it all together. The crib is on loan from my cousin Brandon, and the bed is new to us too - we had no idea what either piece looked like (what finish it had, etc.) but everything matches thankfully!

The pegboard in this picture looks so lost on that wall, but it really doesn't in person. I don't know what the deal is with that! I've had that thing for years, and am happy to have a home for it again. It is a hand made Amish craft that I found about 15+ years ago in Wautoma. The dresser was Darrin's prior to us getting our new bedroom set last month. It drives me crazy that there is no mirror with it (there isn't supposed to be, I just feel like it should have one), but I can always add a mirror to the room later if need be. The quilt on the wall is part of a bedding lot that I got on ebay. I have another one exactly like it that I quilted myself that I am saving for him to use, so we took advantage of the loops on the back of this one and hung it on the wall on a cafe (curtain) rod.

I bought those two pickets over the bed in Sept '04 at Gordmans and stowed them away in a closet this whole time. If you think about it, I wasn't even pregnant with Henry yet at that point! I guess I just knew I'd have a Raggedy Ann nursery at some point! I found the lamp at St. Vinny's a few summers ago and bought a new shade for it.

There are still two pieces of wall art missing. The cross stitch I am working on, and the latch hook my Mom is working on. Hers will go on that side wall over the bed, and mine will go on the side wall over the crib.

Now all I need is the baby! ;o) (2.5 days to go!)

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Lorie said...

How cute, cute, cute! I never did really decorate a nursery so I'm living through you! LOL!

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