Sunday, March 2, 2008

Plugging Along

No pictures to post today, but wanted to give an update on the pregnancy and let you know that I *finally* got some things listed on Ebay. I have a link to my auctions to the left. Check it out - you never know what you might find! I'm hoping to add more Tuesday night as well, so check back!

The pregnancy is going well. It's hard to believe it's almost time for baby Jack to be born. Yes, in case you didn't know, his name will be Jack. But the middle name is a secret - for all of us! :o) We still haven't quite decided on one, so I can't share that yet. The c-section is currently scheduled for Thursday, April 3 but my Dr. suggested moving it back one week to March 27th when I saw her this past Thursday because the baby is measuring 3 weeks over and I'm having a number of braxton hicks contractions, etc. etc. etc. We're going to discuss it more at my next appointment (March 13), so hopefully I'll know more then.

Meanwhile, we are frantically trying to get the nursery in order. The room used to be our office and my stamping space, but now we have laptops and have moved my stamping "room" into part of our bedroom. Our master bedroom is HUGE for those who haven't seen it - it's actually two separate rooms connected by an archway, so it's not really "in" the bedroom, yet it still is. It's kind of hard to explain. Anyhow, we still need to get some things out of the room and up to the attic but I'm hoping to be able to paint the room by next weekend at the latest. Then we either have to buy (or mooch ;o) ) a crib and we should be set. The nursery theme will be Raggedy Ann and Andy. We had originally intended that theme for Henry, but then changed to dinosaurs at the last minute so I still have all of the stuff we acquired for it.

So, that's what I know for now! Keep us in your thoughts, and pray I don't go into labor early... or at least not until the room is finished!

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Lorie said...

Oh, my goodness...only about 3 weeks away! Time has gone so fast and all your plans sound so wonderful!

Just wondering...why no Packer bedroom? :o)

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