Monday, April 7, 2008

Johnny Depp to film in Oshkosh!

For those who don't know, he's filming part of his next movie, Public Enemies, here in Oshkosh! The city is buzzing as set crews are in town altering the fronts of various buildings on Main St. Signs are coming down, and are being replaced with new store fronts, new paint, etc. It is very cool! We got out and took some pictures on Sunday so I thought I'd share them. Here are some of the sites that are being used:

The Exclusive Company building (a cd/record shop) is being transformed into an old fashioned Walgreen's drug store. All of those pop outs that say "Drugs" at the top are wooden additions to the existing building. Here is a side view:

Here is the front of the building:

And here is the signage that is waiting to go up:

We also have a town square (a.k.a. Opera House Square) with a HUGE sundial in it. Here is an aerial photo of the area:

And here is the structure that is being built around the sundial. I'm not sure if it's going to be a storefront or what. We drove by again today and no additional progress has been made.

This is the back of the same structure. Apparently they will only be filming it from one side!

They have also transformed our local coffee shop (called the "New Moon Cafe" as noted on the small white sign) into the "Skalsa Restaurant". There are more shops being transformed beyond these, but I couldn't get any good photos from the car and couldn't get out with two babes in tow!

I'll take more pics and post them if anything exciting happens. Maybe I can even get a picture of Jack Sparrow himself! (CHRIS... the real thing! No fake Halloween pirates! Can you even imagine?! )

They are also filming at our old First National Bank building, which is across the street from this restaurant (the exclusive co., restaurant, bank, and sundial are each on one of the four corners of the same intersection). I believe they are also doing some filming at the Grand Opera House, but can't find any info to back that.

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Lorie said...

Oh my gosh! That is so better get to see him and take a picture! LOL! Glad to hear you are out and about! :o)

Vicki said...

I was looking for a photo of the New Moon Cafe makeover to send to my son—and I found your site. Thanks for taking the time to get the shot and make the post!

Best regards,

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