Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Boys

Here is an updated picture of Jack. Eyes closed, as usual. He seriously sleeps ALL THE TIME. Or at least it seems like it... until about 3am, and then you're reminded that he does wake occasionally. This was taken over the weekend, so he's about 3 1/2 weeks old here.

I love the little finger over the blanket. :o)

This is totally off topic, but if you read my last card-filled post, you read about the onesie card made with Taken With Teal that I liked the best. Here's a picture of it:

I'm uploading my first video here!! How cool is this?!? Thanks to Deb for inspiring me with her blog!! Here is Henry with some of his animal noises. Note that some of them might not be noises you are familiar with. I mean, who really knows what the zebra says? So we improvise! In case you're wondering, the dinosaur says "stomp, stomp" but instead of saying it, he just does it. The dragon breathes fire, the lizard licks his lips, and the bunny nibbles on a little something (these are hard to make out on the video). The snake and the butterfly say basically the same thing, and he has long thought a "snail" and a "snake" were the same thing. "Nana" is Grandma. At the end he's asked about pie, and he knows who makes it... Nana! Enjoy!

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Lorie said...

Good God! He is absolutely adorable! Non-stop, huh? :o)

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed Hanks version of animal sounds.Jack is such a cutie. Enjoying all the pictures.
Jean in Alaska

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