Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Basic Grey Clearance Sale!!

Hi friends -

I'm posting this for a girlfriend who had an account with Basic Grey, but is getting out of the business. She has some inventory left, and would like to liquidate it. For more details on the products listed, go to the product page on the Basic Grey website and click the dropdown to view each collection. These are seriously rock bottom prices. She's selling sheets of quality 12x12 paper for a fraction of what you'd pay at a retailer.

If you see anything you'd like, or have questions, email me at sairabee at yahoo dot com, and I will put you in touch with her. First come, first serve. Prices do not include shipping. She also wants me to add a disclaimer that page counts are subject to verification, just in case she miscounted something (she claims she's sleep deprived with her newborn twins, sheesh! ;o) ).


Here's the list (updated 7/8/08):

Figgy Pudding

1 Figgy Pudding Ornament Stickers $2.00/sheet
4 Figgy Pudding Holiday Stickers $2.00/sheet
3 Holiday Chipboard $4.25/pack

Dasher $.35/sheet

3 Popcorn Balls
6 Snowbank

Infuse $.45/sheet

8 Concentrate
11 Condense
13 Extract
13 Purify
13 Season

Mellow $.45/sheet

5 Automne
12 Cultured
8 Ebb
6 Taper

Again, please link to this post on your blog so we can get the word out and help her liquidate this stuff!!

Thanks so much!

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Lorie said...

Yeah...I already did my damage! :o)

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