Friday, March 6, 2009

Earth Laughs In Flowers

Isn't this such a sweet image? It's from a newly released set called His Eye Is On The Sparrow, over at Sweet n' Sassy Stamps. Technically, in this card, his eye is on the bluebird, but whatever! hehehe. I just really felt like those birds needed to be blue today. What can I say?! The background paper is by Basic Grey.

How do you like what I did with my ribbon? I crossed the ends and secured them under the button, then I left the ends of the thread that I used on the button out too before attaching it. It's a look that Anna Wight uses on her cards quite a bit, and I just love it. I'm still perfecting the art of course, but I love it when she does it (go to her blog and scroll down... you'll see what I mean!).

This reminds me - I got a handful of comments yesterday from people saying they liked how I made that bottom DP diagonal. It totally wasn't my idea. I meant to share this link in yesterday's post but totally spaced it. I got the idea from this card that was recently posted on Jen Muraoka's blog (LOVE her blog, btw! She always does such cool layouts.).

I also want to share another book that I finished recently:

This is a true account of the world's fair that was held in Chicago in 1893, and it is absolutely fascinating. There are so many things we use and say today that came from this time period - from this particular event - it's just amazing. Here is a brief synopsis of the book:

Two men, each handsome and unusually adept at his chosen work, embodied an element of the great dynamic that characterized America’s rush toward the twentieth century. The architect was Daniel Hudson Burnham, the fair’s brilliant director of works and the builder of many of the country’s most important structures, including the Flatiron Building in New York and Union Station in Washington, D.C.

The murderer was Henry H. Holmes, a young doctor who, in a malign parody of the White City, built his “World’s Fair Hotel” just west of the fairgrounds—a torture palace complete with dissection table, gas chamber, and 3,000-degree crematorium. Burnham overcame tremendous obstacles and tragedies as he organized the talents of Frederick Law Olmsted, Charles McKim, Louis Sullivan, and others to transform swampy Jackson Park into the White City, while Holmes used the attraction of the great fair and his own satanic charms to lure scores of young women to their deaths. What makes the story all the more chilling is that Holmes really lived, walking the grounds of that dream city by the lake.

The Devil in the White City draws the reader into a time of magic and majesty, made all the more appealing by a supporting cast of real-life characters, including Buffalo Bill, Theodore Dreiser, Susan B. Anthony, Thomas Edison, Archduke Francis Ferdinand, and others. In this book the smoke, romance, and mystery of the Gilded Age come alive as never before.

If you're looking for a new book, I would highly recommend this. It's one of the best I've read in a long time!

Enjoy the day!

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Sandy said...

Very pretty card! I love how you mentioned you see something and try to incorporate it on your cards. The ribbon and button idea does add a great touch! I LOVE the card!

Kimmie0270 said...

what great earthtone colors

Danni said...

Gorgeous card! Love the coloring you did! Very cool on the ribbon!

Lorie said...

This is VERY pretty Sarah! All the elements come together so nice!

Lisa Foster said...

Gorgeous card, Sarah! I love the ribbon trick! Looks fab!

Looks like that was a good book! Wow, read so fast..I'm still on Book 3 of the Twighlight thing.

Emily said...

This is beautiful Sarah! Love the torn edge! Great image and coloring!

Sparkle said...

I love your card! It's gorgeous and the book sounds good. I'll have to add it to my Amazon list. :)

Becky in East Tennessee said...

Wow...breath taking!

Janna said...

Sarah I love, love, love this card!!! It is so awesome! The colors are beautiful and I keep staring at the layers of tearing! That is the coolest! i love what you did with the button as well! Neat touch!

That books sounds really interesting. I think I might have to look it up at the library!


Holly said...

Ironically Sarah, I saw the first blue bird of the year yesterday! I love the sweet simplicity of your card, and your coloring is great!

Gina said...

Gorgeous card!

The book sounds interesting, I ma going to have to look for that one.

Debby said...

Gorgeous of course! Sarah made it! And of course that keen eye of yours spotted something, bluebird/sparrow - tomaato/tomahto. Jenn is fabulous isn't she. Totally intimidates me. :-)

Dani said...

Gorgeous! I love what you did with the button/ribbon. Very cool. Off to look... :)

Korin said...

Love this!! They are perfect in any color :). God watches all the birds, right? :)

Maria said...

Hey Sarah! Your card looks really elegant and the image is so pretty! I love what you did with the ribbon and the button. .it's lovely. Beautiful job coloring the image too!!


Lise Roy said...

Gorgeous card!
Very elegant!

Bevie Pearl said...

Hi, I am from a suburb in Chicago and found this book last summer. It was a great read. I just found your blog and am enjoying viewing all your cards, too.

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