Sunday, January 9, 2011

One Little Word 2011: Finish

This is the third year that I have decided to take part in Ali Edwards' One Little Word challenge. When I started doing this back in 2009, it was a small blip on the blogosphere. Now it seems everyone is doing it - there is even a One Little Word class that Ali offers. Frankly, I think it's fantastic. If you go to her page, one of the first things you'll see is a quote that says something to the effect of, "One little word can make a big difference in your life." I couldn't agree more.

I take my word very seriously each year. I take a considerable amount of time choosing it - I started thinking about this one back in October already. What did I want to focus on in 2011? What area of my life needs improvement, or at the very least constant reminders for change? After contemplating for awhile, I finally decided on my 2011 word: Finish.

The truth of the matter is that I need to learn to finish what I start. I am easily the queen of the 70% club. I take on a task, get bored with it, and move on to something new. Choosing Healthy for 2010 got me started down a great path toward my weight loss and fitness goals. Now I am stagnant, having lost 40 lbs, and standing still.

In 2011, I am committed to finishing old projects, starting AND finishing new projects, working hard towards reaching my weight loss goal, thereby finishing that journey and starting the new one that is maintainence. In 2011, I will finish what I start and have already started.

If anyone is new to my blog and curious, my word for 2010 was Healthy, as I mentioned above, and 2009 was Believe. Both words were perfect for the time frame they covered, and I truly believe each helped me in its own way and continues to do so. Even though I choose a new word each year, I hang on to the old words, too, building one upon the others.

I encourage you to participate in this challenge if you haven't already. There's nothing special you need to do, no place you have to sign up. You don't even have to tell people you're doing it (though I've found it helps to keep me focused and accountable to throw it out here in the blogosphere). Give it some thought, choose your word, and let it help shape your year. It's really as simple as that.

God bless,

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wwilloww said...

Hi Sarah, I found your blog through the Jane's Addiction blog. I will check out Ali Edward's blog about the one word challenge. It sounds interesting. I am writing you because you said your last year word was healthy and if I had one word last year and forever, that's what it would be. I lost 50+ pounds and am currently moving into maintenance. I am using Medifast and I feel it saved my life. Just wondered how you are getting healthy. I am also working out, which is something I never did in the past. Not bad for 66, eh??? Anyway, thanks for the inspiration... gotta go find my word now...

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