Friday, September 28, 2007

Big News!

Hi friends!
I'm so excited to finally be able to tell all of you that I'M PREGNANT! Woo hoo! I am approximately thirteen weeks along, and so far all is well. This pregnancy is just as uneventful as my first was, and I'd be happy if we could keep it that way as long as possible! Now, to answer some of the pressing questions I know you all have on your mind (yeah, right!).

The due date... is April 6, 2008, but because of the complications we had with Henry I will most likely have a scheduled c-section at week 39 so the baby will probably arrive around March 31. If we schedule it for April 1, he will share a birthday with Darrin's Dad... but I don't know if I'd do that to him given all the stories I've heard about Al (Darrin's Dad) getting birthday cakes made of wood and all sorts of other weird things just because it was April Fools Day! (It's kinda funny though because Henry's due date was Darrin's Mom's birthday)!

The gender.... will only be a secret as long as it has to be! We fully intend to find out the baby's gender (assuming he/she cooperates) at the ultrasound I will get around week 20 (which should fall some time in the beginning of December). I'll be sure to post the info as soon as we know! I can tell you that there is definitely only ONE baby though! We had a "mini-ultrasound" yesterday, so that rumor is laid to rest (and no, I don't want to hear your stories about how one could be hiding, thank you very much!).

The name... will be a secret until he/she makes his/her appearance in the world! I have one friend that I'll bounce idea's off of, but she's in Indiana and she's not talkin'! Everyone else has to wait... hey! there has to be one surprise, right?! I will tell you that we have a first name finalized for a boy, and are pretty sure about a girl's first and middle name as well (both of those are family names). That's all you get!

Updates... will be posted here regularly! I'm sorry I haven't been posting much, but I've been sick all week and trying to keep it together enough to take care of Henry and myself while Darrin is at work. I've also gotten sucked into an AWESOME book called "My Sister's Keeper" by my favorite author, Jodi Picoult, so that is taking up a lot of my "free" time as well.

Other than that, there's not much else to report! Oh - how do you like that baby ticker I've added? It allows you to watch the baby as it grows. I thought it was kind of cute (zip it, CRF! ;) ). Big thanks to Sarah at The Scrapbooking Table (see my Websites Worth Visiting area for the link) who gave me the heads up to the baby widget!

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Lorie said...

I just knew it! Congratulations! I have an April 9th child and it has been a great time of the month for birthday parties! Almost every year it has been like an early summer for us!

Again, Congrats!

Sarah D said...

thank you for linking people to me and a big huge congrats!!!!

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