Sunday, September 2, 2007

Henry Update!

Again, today is Sept 12th... not Sept. 2!

Just wanted to get a few new pics of Henry posted for y'all! He is growing like CRAZY! All of his summer clothes are 12 mos, and now that cooler weather is here, I'm finding that we have to go right to 24 mos for most things to get the length and fit to be right. Being that most of his summer clothes are sleeveless and shorts you don't really realize just how much he's growing!

The pics of him in the Pooh bibs (aren't those adorable?! And only $1 at a rummage!) were taken today (9/12). The one with Papa was taken a week or so ago.


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Sarah D said...

little HANK is so cute acd what a deal got to love the rumagesales!!!

Jena said...

I just love the pics of him! Give him a kiss from his Auntie!

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