Monday, September 17, 2007

So Many Sayings

I have to share the good - no, GREAT - idea I found for this set on SCS! So Many Sayings is a Level 2 hostess set from Stampin' Up and is meant to be three long stamps, each containing several sayings in a long row. Personally, I don't really see the point of it and no intention of buying it... until... :o) Someone suggested cutting the sayings apart and mounting them individually on the blocks from that old game Jenga. I thought on this for awhile. We have a Jenga game that we haven't played in ages, so it was certainly doable. But once they are mounted, how do you store them? They surely wouldn't have fit back in the little plastic storage case they came in!

And then it hit me! Cut the wood blocks into pieces too! Sounds great doesn't it? Except I have no means with which to do this so I was stuck once again.... until... I remembered my Aunt and Uncle out in Washington. She was a big crafter and if my memory served me correctly he did all of the cutting on the wood for the things she made and painted, etc. One quick phone call, and before I knew it my wood blocks were on their way to Washington! Now they are back, and everything is mounted, and I am in love! :o) My set of three is now a set of 17 double mounted blocks with 34 seperate sayings/designs. Totally versatile!!!

The following picures show the "before" image of the set, the after, and them all nestled snuggly in their original storage case! Woo hoo!
BIG thanks and lots of love to my Uncle for all of the cutting! :o)

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Kirstin said...

Hey Sarah, maybe I should move to WI. I could use a little less aggravation!

I enjoy reading your blog.

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