Saturday, July 28, 2007


We loves us some cheeri-eeri-o's (and yes, that is their official name at our house)! Here's Henry after just "emptying the well" (the one on the stroller tray!) of cereal at today's Choraliers picnic. Life is infinitely easier now that he has learned to feed himself. I'm still not letting him do messy stuff by himself, but that will come with time. He does his own cereal, fruit puffs, fruit (which in some ways is messy enough!), veggies, hot dogs, etc. Pretty much anything that doesn't turn to mush when you touch it or require a spoon.

Have you ever seen the Blue Man Group? You know that little bit they do with the Captain Crunch cereal? Henry pulled a similar stunt with his cheerios at the picnic. Even if you haven't seen the concert, you can still enjoy our version by clicking HERE. :)

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Valorie said...

What a cute little guy!! Carole was waving and saying "hi baby" when we watched the video. :-)

Alison said...

How cute is he???? Lovin' the Cheerio fun! Thanks for sharing!

Kirstin said...

Man, he is so cute! Emmeline wants to watch the video again!

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