Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hot Daas!

Henry loves him some hot dogs (or "hot daas", as he calls them!). Every day he asks for them, though I try my darndest (is that a word?) to not give them to him that often! And then one time, when Jack was sleeping in the living room, I tried to keep Henry in the kitchen while he ate. The only way I could do it was to sit him up on one of our high bar stools (of course I held him and watched him like a hawk the entire time). Now he always associates his hot daas with that dang stool. Argh. :o)

He's been back up there a few times now, and he does really well with it. I tell him he has to sit very still and not wiggle, and he actually does. He doesn't move a muscle, other than his hand going from the plate to his mouth and back again.

Here are some pics, taken toward the end of a recent meal.

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Lorie said...

How cute is he...VERY CaUTE!!!! What a big boy he is on that high stool!

ThePortman4 said...

He is growing up so fast. I really enjoyed seeing you all the other day. Henry makes me laugh, HUMP!

Kelly said...

Henry is so cute! I love that big smile....he's a boy after my own heart--hotdogs are a HUGE favorite of mine!
Tyler calls them "dot-dogs"--he's also a big fan!

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