Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now...

Our home was built somewhere around 1900, and although I love living in an old home, there has been plenty of up keep to go with it. The majority of the windows in the house were replaced before we moved in, but these were among those that were still original to the house. They were in horrible (HORRIBLE!) condition, and something needed to be done. I've always been one to try to repair the old stuff before replacing it, so we had the windows pulled out and recaulked, etc. a few summers ago but it really was a very temporary fix. They started falling apart again the following year, and we knew we were going to have to replace them. I really think the reason they lasted as long as they did was because they were totally shielded by a couple of HUGE pine trees that were in our front yard when we moved in. We took those trees down a few years ago after a major windstorm and that seems to be when our problems started.

Here is a picture of the large window in the library-turned-toy-room. We replaced this one, and another large window in our living room that is identical in shape and size (and, unfortunately, condition):

Here is a close up of the bottom right corner of the window shown above:

And here is a shot of the same corner after our new energy efficient Andersen windows were installed:

I didn't plant any flowers in my window boxes this year because I figured (1) it would be hard to get out and water regularly with a hubby who works out of town and an infant and toddler in tow, and (2) the window guys would wreck them anyhow. Turns out they pulled the window boxes out altogether, so I didn't have to worry about that, but that's alright. I normally have red petunias planted there so try to picture them in your head. ;o)

The new windows are sooooooo nice. I could sit and stare out them for hours! The old windows seemed cloudy compared to these. I love them! We also got our upstairs bathroom window replaced, so now we only have five windows to go before the whole house is done. We're hoping to finish them up next summer.

I know it's not as cute as a picture of a kiddo, but I thought I'd share anyhow!

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Lorie said...

Ooooo...ahhhh...what a lovely window!

Sara (ChicagoGirl) said...

It looks great. We had our deck door replaced and it was awesome to have the dividers in the middle of the glass. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...


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