Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Happy Mail!

Looky what I got in the mail on Saturday!! Are you jealous? I thought you might be. ;o) lol. I participated in an image swap that my friend (and fellow Packer Backer ;) ) Lorie hosted, and I'm thrilled with the results. The only down side is that most of these images are of stamps I have been contemplating purchasing, and as it turns out I love them ALL so I'm going to have to do some serious budgeting this summer! That quad square with the bugs and flower in it at the bottom was my contribution. I'm feeling a little silly for sending something that wasn't "up and coming" like most every one else did, but hey... who knew?!

Things are definitely interesting around here lately. Henry taught himself how to climb up on the ottoman in the library on Friday while I was in the living room nursing Jack. I could see him, and it all looked very safe and innocent but I still asked him to please get down. He started to scoot forward to get down and must have leaned forward in the process, because he tumbled off. Head first. And to add insult to injury he landed smack on a little car (see photo below).

FF to Monday night when he woke up crying three or four times. He was fine Tuesday morning, but woke up from his nap that day with a temp of 102 and complained of pain in his tummy, mouth, and ear. I took him into the Dr and he has another double ear infection. He has been congested and coughing for a month now, and I don't think the ear infection will go away until that does because the liquids seem to be backing up into his ears. *sigh*

And then there's today, which for the most part went off without a hitch... until Henry went outside with his Papa tonight and took a digger on the cement sidewalk out front and split his lip. Blood everywhere. Hubby mildly freaked out. Mama to the rescue. ;o)

Never a dull moment here in toddlerville.

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Lorie said...

I loved your image for the swap so don't you worry! Oh, my goodness! Those kiddos always seem to find the best place to fall from don't they? Kyler ended up with a bruise like Henry's but on the back of his head when he was learning to walk...ah! I hope the next couple of days go much smoother for you guys! :o)

JAR said...

Look at all those fun images!!

Lesly said...

He's still as cute as a bug's ear - as my nana would say!

Pam's Pride said...

HOLY MOLY!! That was quite the knock on the noggin!! Poor little guy!! He seems to have bounced back though!
Awesome images too!

Katie Skiff said...

YOu were in my group!! yay!! It was fun and I've used up some of the images before I even took a pictue!

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