Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well, today is another CBC Challenge Day. And this week's challenge is to make a card that is inspired by your favorite cd. It sounds like a fun idea, doesn't it? HA! You fool! I thought so to! In fact, I hate to admit it, but it was even my idea to have this challenge in the first place! Seriously, what was I thinking? *sigh* ETA: I just realized this is next week's challenge! Bwa ha ha ha! This week's is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Ah well, you can't win 'em all. Take a look at my ugly card, then go RRR! :o)

Ok, maybe it's not that bad, but it certainly was a challenge. I guess that's why Tuesday's aren't CBC Make-a-really-easy-card days, huh? ;o)

I thought about all of my favorite cd's (I have about 20 faves out of the 575 I own, and no, neither number is a typo), and I wasn't getting any inspiration from any of them. So then I thought I'd just flip through all of them until I found one that kinda looked like a card. Bingo! The Show Boat Soundtrack totally fit the bill! I could use my oval nesties, and layer a sentiment, stick it on a blue background, and voila! BUT, then my conscience got the best of me, and I realized that easy as it may be, that was not one of my favorite cds. *sigh*

So, I buckled down, and found inspiration in my favorite girls (no Mindee, not *those* girls. HA!), The Dixie Chicks. I lurvvvve the Chicks! My bff Chris and I saw them in concert in Minneapolis and they were a.ma.zing. Loved it! Anyhow, here is their cd:

And here is my card:

I wonder if I get bonus points for sneaking in the title of a favorite (Norah Jones) song, too? ha. :o)

So anyway, there's my card. And yeah, it's kinda ugly. But in a strange way, I kind of like it, too. I don't know how to explain it.

Check out the links to the other CBC Chicks in my sidebar to see what everyone else created. And when you play along (because I know you will, right?!), post a link to your card back on Courtney's blog for a chance to win a little prize!

And big thanks to everyone who tried to guess my middle name. I knew none of you would get it! I was named after my great grandmother, Bessie. Therefore, my name is Sarah Bess. I was not always a fan of it, but I have loved it for many years now, and even more so since my grandma passed. It's a nice connection to her, as she was one of my favorite people in the world.
Enjoy the day!

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Holly said...

Bess. I never would have guessed that, but it does go well with Sarah.
I'll bet you hesitate before you come up with a suggestion for a challenge again! LOL! This would be a really hard challenge for me, but you did great Sarah!

Holly said...

Wow, good job matching up the card to the CD!

Jocelyn1224 said...

Wow. I think you need the word "Super" above the "FLY". LOL

Chrissy D said...

So cute! You did WONDERFUL on this card! The brads are a great touch as well as your GLITTER! Way to go Sarah!

Dani said...

You did an amazing job turning the CD into a card! You rock. Even if you did do the wrong challenge! LOL!

BTW- I'm still clueless as to what to do for the challenge YOU came up with. Sigh. At least I still have a week! :)

Maria said...

LOL! Yeah, it does sound like a real challenge. It takes a bit of "thinking" but your card turned out fabulous! It matched the CD so nicely!


Sparkle said...

I like...it's got an artsy feel to it. And you know I know the sparkle. :)

Lorie said...

I completely LOVE it! I think I'm going to struggle next week so thanks for the idea!

Kim said...

Great idea! Love it! It's ok that it's early! Better early then never...right?!
Hugs~ Kim

Becky Carafa said...

Great job on the challenge! This is really cool!

Courtney said...

Awwww, you did this right on! I love it!

Janna said...

What a great idea!! Now I am going to have to dig out my favorite CDs for inspiration! Lol! Love the black on this card!


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