Tuesday, January 20, 2009

RAK's & Regrets

First, the RAK's. I received this lovely card from my toddler mom friend Val (SCS: kittygalval) the other day. Isn't it beautiful? I love how she made the frame with the negative image of the scallop punch, and then added the ribbon to one corner. I'm storing that idea away for future use. ;)

And this one came last week from my friend Lesley (SCS: Hoosierstamper). She was just swingin' by to say that she LOVES the Copic markers I helped talk her into buying. Hee heeeeeee. Look at the shading on the tree! I'd say she's doing great with her new toys!

Speaking of Copic's, I'm going to post another post after this one about them. I've gotten a few questions from people about the ones I like best, and I thought I'd just post my reply here rather than via email in case it might help anyone else who is looking for information. Then I'll also have my Wednesday Weigh-in post tomorrow morning, so it's a busy day on the Scrampin' Mama blog! I am not a big fan of multiple posts per day on a blog, but I'm trying to get the info out, and am giving everything it's own post to try to keep some order and organization under my labels. I know, that probably means nothing to 99.9% of you, but I'm weird that way.

Now for the regrets.... Here's the thing. I have a bazillion blogs in my reader, and I love to leave comments for people when a card, or a technique, or a story strikes my fancy. I also visit the blog of everyone who leaves a comment on my own, and usually end up commenting on one or two things while I'm there (and, most likely, adding it to my reader as well - lol!). I have gotten so far behind on all of this though, that I don't see how I'll ever catch up. I'm over 200 posts behind (all of which I would like to comment on), and I don't see any time in the forseeable future where I can make that up. SO, my regret is that I'm going to have to zip through all of these without leaving comments and start from scratch tomorrow and hope I can stay on top of everything. I love to give comments as much as I enjoy receiving them, so don't give up on me! If I normally visit/comment on your blog, know that I'm still reading and following you, and will get back to my commenting asap! Thanks so much for understanding.

Stay tuned for that copic post...


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Eija said...

There is something for you in my blog :)

xx Eija

Becky in East Tennessee said...

You totally rock! And are an AWESOME blogger, so no worries girlfriend!

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