Saturday, October 11, 2008

All Kinds of Fun Stuff

I don't have a card to show you today, but I did want to get a post up with some fun stuff for you to see.

First, you've read about the things I've been sending my summer sister, Lorie. Well, she has been sending me equally fabulous cards and gifts, but I tend to not post things like that on my blog. Don't ask me why not, there is no good reason. I just don't. But, I keep seeing happy mail on everyone else's blog (including hers!), and decided it was just silly not to share. So here is a picture of everything that was sent in my final envie from Lorie.

I am THRILLED to get Elvis stamps. OMG. You.Have.No.Idea. I luvvvv me some Elvis. Especially at Christmas time! I have my great-grandparents Elvis Christmas LP (yeah, we're talkin' VINYL here people!) and love listening to it. I also used to have a huge fluffy Elvis blanket that (I shouldn't even be telling you this).... hung on my bedroom wall for YEARS. I've been to Graceland, and I can't wait to go back. Yeah. You might say I'm a fan. I love the man, the music, the movies, you name it. Best Elvis movie? Live a Little, Love a Little. Hands down.

It's hard to see in the picture, but the bottom layer there is some acetate card bases. How cool is that? I really had no idea they even made them. I always just used SU's window sheets and folded them. I have a few primas in the picture - there was actually a huge container of them, but I couldn't fit it in. Then the gelly roll pen, post-it holder, gift card maker thingys (she might not know it yet, but I need instructions for those - lol!) and super cute Billy card. What a great gift, eh?! And do you see the sentiment on that post-it holder? It says, "You're the bee's knees". hee hee. I collect bees, and "The Bee's Knees" is also the name of my family blog. ;o)

Next, I want to show you this....

I received a number of comments about the ribbon I used on yesterday's card. Some people asked where I bought it, and the answer is Hobby Lobby. I thought I'd show you a picture of the spool in case you wanted to find some for yourself. :)

And finally, I've been tagged by my blogger (and Bella) friend Cheri. Although I've given up on the tagging part of these, I love to play along and answer the questions (kinda like those getting to know you emails that I can't seem to ever get enough of), so here's a little more info on me than you probably ever cared to know (LOL!):

Things you love… (skipping the obvious family, friends, God, etc. here)
1. Snow
2. The smell of fall (leaves, pumpkin pie, etc.)
3. America (I'm pretty patriotic)
4. A Good Sale
5. The Olive Garden

Things you don’t love…
1. Seafood
2. Mean People
3. Eating meat off the bone (I'm weird, I know)
4. Temper Tantrums (from boys or hubby... grrr)
5. Humidity

Songs on your iPod/Playlist (I'm going with favorite CD's for this one, and these are just a few of MANY...)
1. Stones In The Road by Mary Chapin Carpenter
2. Smokey Joe's Cafe Original Soundtrack
3. The Steve Miller Band's Greatest Hits
4. Bathhouse Betty by Bette Midler
5. Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morrisette

Favorite Foods/Drinks
1. Caesar Salad
2. Diet Pepsi
3. Pizza
4. Mushrooms
5. Italian food, in general

And there you have it! I hope you have a great Saturday. :)


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Holly said...

Hey Sarah, next time you go to Graceland give me a holler so we can meet up!
My family went to Graceland one year and we couldn't wait for the tour to be over! We were so bored! LOL!

Lorie said...

Well, I'm a loser for it taking me so long to get it to you but I'm glad that you are happy with it! Have a great weekend!

Dani said...

I'm the same way, I don't post that stuff either. :) And no fair! The ribbon I bought was Bazzill and freakin' $1.39/yard! Sheesh! I wish we had a HL!

Kim said...

Enjoy your happy mail! Love the Elvis stamp! And I am going to head to HL to get me some ribbon like that! :)
Hugs~ Kim

ThePortman4 said...

I totally hate eating meat off the bone. I hear you, girl!

Kristine B. said...

=) What a FABULOUS bundle you got there, Sarah!! That's so sweet that she personalized your note holder like that. LOVE that pretty frilly pink/white ribbon!! Looks like you get quite a lot for small price?!

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