Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ames Point

I found some fun how-to's online for making frames for your photos in Photoshop Elements. I had to play a little. :) This is a picture taken of Lake Winnebago last weekend when we were out walking on Ames Point. I love the trail of the sun on the water. Not bad for a point and click, eh?

In case anyone is wondering, I did go to the podiatrist and didn't leave with any magic answers. She was convinced the swelling on my right foot was due to thyroid problems and promptly sent me to the lab to have blood drawn to prove it. Yeah, well, she was wrong. My thyroid is fine. So, back to the drawing board.... or in this case, physical therapy. It just never seems to end! Thankfully I don't have any pain with the swelling.

I hope you're enjoying the nice fall weather!


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Lorie said...

So you've discovered "my" point, huh? Lovely picture of it! Just kidding! Okay, not the lovely picture part...oh, never mind!

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